Bagaholicboy News #220 – Louis Vuitton Launches New Epi Colours!

If you walked past any Louis Vuitton boutique recently, you would have noticed Epi bags and SLGs in a wide array of new colours displayed prominently in window displays. Recently launched, the current selection includes some new and some classic hues for a total of 13 different colours, and they are (from top down), Fuchsia, Cacao, Gray Blue, Citron, Menthe, Orange, Black, Ivory, Carmine, Bleu Canard, Figue, Marine and Rubis.

The Epi Electric family has also grown, and now includes Noir Electric, Prune Electric and Amande Electric.

First launched in 1985, Epi was originally created and developed to due to the need for having a leather that was durable, yet beautiful to be made into bags for modern day use. Dyed all the way through with a special grained texture that resists light scratches and knicks, the leather is made such that it retains its beautiful colour over time.

Not convinced? Just do a quick search on eBay and you’ll find many beautiful, still pristine pieces, especially from Japanese resellers as the Epi line was huge in Japan back in the late 80s and early 90s.

And if you’re looking to get yourself something in the new Epi colours, you can check out bags like the Alma (which now comes in 13 colours), or something more affordable like the Zippy Wallet (SGD1060) or the Card Holder (SGD280, shown above).

Which is your favourite new colour?

Images: Bagaholicboy & Louis Vuitton

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  • Amelia says:

    Hi I came across your site and I was wondering if you know how much a Speedy 25 and 30 would currently for in SGD for Damier Ebene Canvas/Epi leather? Thank you.

  • sisavath virasak says:

    I have never been a big fan of the Epi collection, but I like the pop in colors LV has released for this line. I wish they would release these colors in the Vernis line. I would love to see a neon yellow and green Vernis Alma.

  • A Norwegian says:

    An Epi Keepall 45 in dark green or black as a everyday bag would be my favorite! But I think the old blue was even better! I find Epi very conservative yet modern at the same time.

  • Angie says:

    How much is the EPI Alma in Singapore? I just love the grey blue one!

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