Bagaholicboy News #216 – S/S12 Colours For Balenciaga!

It’s that time of the year again when we start looking forward to new things, including the new S/S12 colour palette for Balenciaga, because it means that all the beautiful leather bags you’ll be coveting will be in these same colours.

Before we proceed, however, I’ll also need to insert a quick disclaimer. The colours shown here are by no means true to life; they are instead a guide to what you can expect from Balenciaga as far as what is going to be launched.

There are a total of 13 hues in the S/S12 line-up, 3 of which are Noir, Anthracite and Blanc Light that are not featured above, which I’ll simply leave to your imagination. From left to right we’ve got Cris Ciment, Gris Poivre, Rose Bruyere, Rose Blush, Coqueucot (not to be confused with last season’s Coquelicot), Vert Poker, Gylcine, Bleu Indigo, Bleu Cobalt and last but not least, Dark Night (not to be confused with The Dark Knight).

As usual, you should be able to find the new S/S12 offerings at Balenciaga at Hilton Shopping Gallery, otherwise just head online and let Google do the searching. Balenciaga is one of the easiest brands to buy authentic online, you just need to know where to look. So tell me, which colour (or colours) will you be lusting over this season?

Image: Bagaholicboy

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YOU SHOULD SEE: S/S11 Colours For Balenciaga!

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