Valentine’s 2012 Womens Louis Vuitton

You’ve already seen the Monogram Vernis Rayures Alma BB in Pomme D’Amour, so for today’s post here’s the one in the Amarante, both of which will retail for SGD1930 when they are released in Singapore from January 2012 onwards. From the Valentine’s 2012 Womens Louis Vuitton collection, the only other bag in this lineup will be the Monogram Vernis Rayures Wilshire PM, which will feature the same vertical strips and will be available in both colourways, priced at SGD1400 a pop.

Besides the bags, you’ll also find a selection of small leather goods, including the Monogram Vernis Rayures Cosmetic Pouch which will retail at SGD670. Other pieces include a small card sized pouch that comes with its own polished mirror, a little box made specially for small pieces of jewellery, as well as the Monogram Vernis Rayures Heart Coin Purse (practically a staple now in every Valentine’s collection from Louis Vuitton) and some bag charms in both colours.

Those looking specifically for purses and wallets will find a decent selection as well in Monogram Vernis Rayures, including the Sarah Wallet and the Zippy Wallet, both classics in their own right. There will also be the Monogram Vernis Rayures Zippy Coin Purse (SGD660, shown above), which while small, can certainly pack in a lot.

And before I sign off, here’s a quick comment I would like to add to those who have compared it to a Victoria Secret’s paper bag. While they may sport the same vertical stripes in almost the same colours, they are just not the same. It’s like comparing a BMW to say, a tuk-tuk. Just saying.

Images: Louis Vuitton

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