Update – Dunhill Leather Envelope

Here’s a quick update I received on the Alfred Dunhill Leather Envelope which I had just blogged about yesterday. For those of you who, like me, were waiting for more information on this piece, I’ve got good, and bad, news.

First the good news. The envelope is already available for sale at Alfred Dunhill, and it is priced at GBP160 and GBP215 for the smaller one and the larger one respectively. What’s more, it will come in 3 different colours, which include Brown, Green and Tan (shown above). On one side of the envelope you see a print of an original 1948 postal stamp, as well as the address of any of Alfred Dunhill’s 4 stores in Hong Kong, London, Shanghai or Tokyo.

Besides the address, you can choose to pay a little bit more and have your own message printed on the envelope, which will definitely make it more memorable especially if it is a gift for a loved one. Or for yourself.

And now, for the bad news. The leather envelopes will only be available at Alfred Dunhill stores in Hong Kong, London, Shanghai and Tokyo, which means the only way to get one (or all 3) is to fly to one of these cities yourself. Or email Alfred Dunhill and they will have one shipped to you.

Which is exactly what I’ll be doing right now, so please do excuse me.

Image: Alfred Dunhill

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  • leon says:

    Just moved house and discovered I have two of these… forgotten over time in a box, both pretty much as new… Would anyone like to buy them? What do you think they are worth?

  • Don says:

    This is lovely. If only they had it in SG so that I could have a look before I bought it.

  • pianz says:

    any idea if it is already available anywhere that i can view the colours and get info about the size dimensions b’Boy?

  • weiwei says:

    This is one of the few times I’m glad I’m living in Shangahi.

    I’m heading to Hong Kong soon before I head back to S’pore. Should I get it in Shanghai or Hong Kong?

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