Longchamp Le Pliage ‘Postcard’

The king of kitsch is back with another instalment for Longchamp; this time in the form of the new S/S12 Longchamp + Jeremy Scott ‘Postcard’. Brightly emblazoned on the front are the words ‘Greetings From Paradise, The Land Of Sunshine‘, accompanied by a riot of colours one normally associates with everything tacky. And it is, yet somehow in the hands of Jeremy Scott it works, who takes kitsch to a whole new level of cool (if that’s even possible in the first place).

Still, it is not one for the faint-hearted (wallflowers, you need not bother), as this is one bag for those who don’t mind being the centre of attention; because I guarantee if you step into any room with this bag, people will stop what they’re doing and go all quiet.

And then start laughing. But I jest.

Not yet available in Singapore (won’t be here till 2012 at least), you can get it online at Colette for GBP190. If you live in Singapore you’ll pay around GBP196 with shipping after the VAT deduction. Which isn’t so bad. So, who’s getting one?

UPDATE: It’s finally here. The bag will be released tomorrow (5 April 2012) in Singapore at Longchamp boutiques island wide at SGD449 a pop. Which is really reasonable as far as Jeremy Scott creations go.

Image: Colette

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