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In line with Dior’s new X’mas video titled ‘A Golden Christmas‘, I’ve come up with a few bags from the French luxury house in the same hue that are worth checking out. And kicking things off is the new tote, the Dior So Dior (SGD4200). Truth be told, there’s something about it that I still can’t quite put my finger on.

A tall, horizontal tote that’s all lambskin with the bottom half in Cannage stitching, it does remind me of a woman’s outfit, the half top tucked into a high-waisted belt. Finished off with metal shoulder chains in pale gold, it’s beautiful, yet bizarre, all at once.

Measuring 31 cm by 25.5 cm, I guess it’s the whole proportion of the tote that’s throwing me off, especially the length of the shoulder chains that’s a tad too long in my opinion. Other than that, I do like the fact that it comes with a pair of pockets (as well as a zip pocket) on the inside, which is always useful.

If you love the colour of the bag but are still not sure about the shape of the bag, then my go-to favourites from the house include the Lady Dior and the New Lock Wallet (SGD1250), both of which are available in the same lovely golden-beige hue.

Stunning, isn’t it? This variation of the Lady Dior (SGD6200) comes with her own ‘necklace’ of cascading pearls.

Before you go, check out the video I mentioned earlier. It’s a visual treat, I promise.

Images & Video: Dior

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