Chanel Ivory Shell Clutch

One of the most interesting pieces to come out of the Spring-Summer 2012 Womens Chanel collection has got to be the Chanel Ivory Shell Clutch, mesmerising as it passed me on the runway at Grand Palais in Paris. I was wondering to myself, was that an actual clutch or just a prop in keeping with the whole underwater fantasy theme conjured up by Karl Lagerfeld.

For those of you who are curious, like me, you need to wonder no more. Having seen it for myself in the S/S12 press kit, I’m happy to report that this shell is indeed a clutch, made of resin and shined till it looks almost luminous. Not sure how it’ll work though, or the retail price, so do stay tuned for more updates.

Another head-turner would be this multi-coloured sling bag which is truly fascinating. What looks to be a coral reef growing out from under the interlaced chain is actually silicone, pieced together one by one till the whole bag was formed.

A statement piece through and through, it is one of those bags destined for a collector’s wardrobe, because only a collector can appreciate the amount of imagination that went into creating it. That, or a really wealthy patron of the house who must own anything, and everything, Chanel.

Images: Chanel

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