Chanel Interlaced Chain Bracelet

Coming soon to a Chanel near you is the Chanel Interlaced Chain Bracelet collection, perfect for those of you who have toyed with the idea of looping your Classic Flap‘s chain around your wrist. Or have actually done it, and told yourself how wonderful it looked, wishing that Chanel would actually produce them as bracelets.

Well, you need not wait any longer with the launch of these bracelets that come in Beige, Grey and Plum (top to bottom) with gold-tone hardware.

If you’re looking for something more grunge, check out the ones in burnished silver-tone hardware, in Turquoise and Taupe.

If the interlaced bracelets are much too much for you (you know, too chunky, too heavy and so on), why not check out the Chanel Leather Chain Bracelet instead. Which is basically a metal bracelet inlaid with leather pieces that finishes off with a clasp and double-C logo at the end.

No word yet on the actual release dates for Singapore, or the retail prices as yet, so do stay tuned for more updates. Meanwhile, you can start picking out your favourite and seeing which of the 5 colour combinations go best with your wardrobe.

Images: Chanel

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