Loewe Embajada Briefcase

Doing my rounds at DFS Galleria Scottswalk yesterday I chanced upon this, a stunningly beautiful briefcase in textured boxcalf that stopped me dead in my tracks just to give it another once-over. It wasn’t the fact that it was from Loewe, because many other brands have more or less the same design in their respective collections.

It was more the style and the design of the briefcase, simple in its execution with clean lines and the most minimalist of hardware. Which got me thinking. Unless you’re a banker or lawyer (or someone working in an environment that’s really formal, you wouldn’t have any use for it, right?

Take me, for example. As much as I love the Loewe Embajada Briefcase and the fact that it comes with an additional bandolier strap that’s also detachable, how often would I be able to use it in my daily life? What’s more, it does not help that it comes equipped to carry a laptop (and additional documents), along with a slip pocket with two compartments for pens. There’s even a slot at the back, which is always useful.

So while I have to pass (it wouldn’t exactly go with jeans, would it?), do consider this if you’re looking for something really smart and formal. And not forgetting the fact that it costs just SGD2690, which is a really good price for a full leather piece that’s handmade in Spain.

Image: Loewe

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