Bottega Veneta Soft Crocodile Duffle

There are bags, and then there are bags. The Bottega Veneta Soft Crocodile Duffle in Stone is one of those bags, one of those rare few that fall into the latter category. A stunningly beautiful, generously sized duffle, the 38.5 cm by 27.5 cm bag also happens to be on my wish list. Sadly though, it looks set to stay on my wish list for a long time to come, since I’ll need to cough up SGD67,600 just to bring this baby home.

Exorbitant? Yes. But when you starting considering factors like the amount of exotic crocodile used and the number of man hours needed to craft this bag, you probably understand why it costs so much.

If you’re looking for something similar in shape that’s many times easier on the bank balance, then check out the Bottega Veneta Nappa Cabat in Steel (click here to see the image on Facebook) which retails for SGD11,660. No less desirable, yet much more affordable and now available at Bottega Veneta boutiques island wide. Which do you prefer?

Image: Bottega Veneta

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