Bagaholicboy Muses #427 – How Much Is That Alexa In The Window?

We all know that shopping online can bring many benefits, the main reason of course being the amount of savings to be had. Still, before you proceed to your checkout, here’s something all of you should know. There are differences in pricing even when shopping online, which could be due to fluctuations in the exchange rate as well as differing shipping costs. In other words, do your research before you hit the checkout button for the best possible deal.

Here’s a quick comparison based on the ever-popular Alexa, and how much it will cost you if you were to buy it from Mulberry online (UK), Net-A-Porter (UK), SSENSE (Canada) and Eranzi (Malaysia). The bag in question is the standard Alexa in buffalo leather, and final prices include shipping to Singapore and 7% GST.

Over at Mulberry and Net-A-Porter (based in the UK), the Alexa sells for GBP795 a pop. Shipping is little bit more over at Mulberry (GBP28 versus GBP21), so after shipping and 7% GST, they will cost you SGD1789 and SGD1773 respectively. 

On SSENSE (headquartered in Canada), the bag sells for USD1200, with shipping to Singapore at USD50. After GST, it will set you back by SGD1759. At Eranzi (based in Malaysia), the bag costs SGD1643, inclusive of free international shipping, but with GST tagged on, it will still cost you SGD1758.

It may not seem like a lot, but if you do your research religiously for all your online purchases in a year you’ll definitely save a bundle. Maybe not enough for another bag, but maybe a SLG. Don’t forget to look out for promos as well, which include free shipping, discount codes and special offers which would make a huge difference to the final price you pay.

And in case anyone is wondering, the Alexa costs SGD1960 locally, SGD202 more than the next most expensive option. Yes, it does cost more, but it is a small price to pay for someone to attend to you in person, answer your queries and provide immediate after sales service.

Image: Mulberry

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  • Leona says:

    Hi BB, would you recommend the oversized Alexa in foggy grey or chestnut brown for a college student who likes travelling? Thanks!

  • Gwen says:

    Sorry, I have to ask a very green question. I’ve been on Mr. Porter and Net-A-Porter scouring for good buys and I’ve found a lot. But I am always hesistant to check out because I am worried the GST that comes back to me could be some exorbitant 20% or something like that and also, that my order could be lost in transit!
    So, I just wanted to know when do they start charging GST and what are the website do you feel are safe and reliable to purchase these branded goods from.

    Thank and regards.

  • Cecilia says:

    I bought another bag I was eyeing for some time in a local boutique even though the price difference was close to SGD800 in London.

    I felt so bad for the SA who was serving me as I was in the boutique looking at that bag for close to 2 hours… and all I could do now was to mourn how I could buy a wallet with that savings. Fortunately, the London boutique did not have stock for the colour I wanted.

  • xx says:

    Oh god I bought my oversized alexa at the store at hilton and their service wasn’t even that good. I’ll just buy my bags online from now on…

  • Mandy says:

    Checked out Eranzi and their items are fabulous! RM100 for every new sign up with free worldwide shipping.

  • effortgirl says:

    I do 90% of my shopping (bags/cosmetics/clothes) online, so am not surprised about the savings. But I didn’t know of some of these websites, fab! More chances to hit the wallet!

  • Nicole says:

    Got my Alexa last Christmas from the House of Fraser sale at 30% off. Cost GBP460 plus 12% tax return, around SGD900 so it’s a steal.

  • lalalala says:

    I think with the savings of SGD202, we can buy other SLGs, why waste it on local stores who usually don’t know their stuff. Is paperbags worth that much? Not to me.

  • germaine says:

    Don’t forget discount codes! tends to offer regular discounts, I scored my mini Alexa there for a great price.

  • En says:

    Bought my oversized Alexa from Good service and I received my bag in less than a week.

    International shipping on the website is at a flat rate (25 pounds), and they were also nice enough to deduct UK VAT from my final price before charging my CC. Ended up paying about $1660ish (inclusive local 7% GST + shipping). Good deal for those who are keen.

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