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If true luxury is to be defined as owning something that’s truly exclusive or one-of-a-kind, then sadly in these modern times most designer bags no longer fall under that category, especially since every 4th or 5th person on the street is carrying the exact same bag as you are.

While it used to be a thrill getting that particular designer bag you saved for months on end, that joy is immediately doused out the moment you see it on another person.

The thrill now, it seems, is the experience of having something made especially for you and knowing that it’s truly a one-off. I would know, since I was this close to customising my very own Goyard bag in Paris after the SA gave me the various options available, never mind that it would cost at least 30% more than the one I could just buy off the shelf.

It’s more than just shelling out the extra money. It’s the journey of it all, knowing that you have a say, from choosing the type of leather, picking the colours and even the option of having your own initials engraved on the inside, which makes it all the more satisfying.

And while it’s not entirely a new concept altogether, Loewe does take it a step further with its new Loewe Made-To-Order collection. Take the Amazona for example. You start by picking one of the 2 sizes available, followed by a smorgasbord of choices, which include 11 vibrant colours for polished crocodile or 8 luscious hues for luxurious ostrich for the body, handles, trims and corners, as well as the hanging key tag.

When you’re finally done with that, you’ll have more decisions to ponder over, including the colour of the napa lining (7 more colours here for you to pick from), as well as the option of having your Amazona done with or without Loewe’s logo in front.

I did say it was a journey, didn’t I? But it’s definitely one that’s well worth it since you’ll have a bag that’s truly your very own at the end of the day.

Besides the Amazona, other bags you can customise include the Tierra, the Flor, the Lea, the Maia, the May, as well as this, a single handle handbag from Loewe’s archives simply called the Vintage Re-edition, originally created in 1953.

Prices start from a couple of thousands (it isn’t that expensive to begin with if you’re looking to create something that’s pretty basic) to tens of thousands, depending on what your final customised piece is comprised of.

Head down to Loewe Ngee Ann City and check out the Made-To-Order service (which will be available only till mid-November in Singapore), which includes an interesting iPad app that allows you to play around with the different permutations available before receiving a quotation for the bag you’ve created.

Or check out my Facebook fan page for more inspiration, showcasing the Amazona in variety of skins and finishes.

Images: Loewe

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  • Xan says:

    I just rang up Loewe. The MTO service for tri-color Amazona will be available till end of OCTOBER only and the bag will only arrive next March.

  • Ines says:

    Thanks for the post! I’m quite set on getting the Vintage one, in bright red.

  • Addy says:

    Oooh nice!!! Very very very tempting!!!! Non-exotic leather is not that expensive to begin with. Any idea if this is also available for HK?

  • germaine says:

    End of November? I’m so gonna be there!

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Go have a look. You can also order the Amazona in metallic goatskin or suede for around SGD3000 or so.

      • m says:

        I was really excited with the idea of being able to customize the Amazona in goatskin or suede. But the SA advised that full customization is only available for exotics.

        For suede and goatskin, there are 4 standard templates that you can order from and they will be produced only when ordered. These 4 color combinations are not produced for mass sale but made only upon order… You cannot make any changes to the 4 templates at all…

        • germaine says:

          Hmm, that’s not quite as exciting.

          • m says:

            yup, i was a little bumped out myself when they explain the custom made exotics and the made to order leather range to me… the leather ones are beautiful but i was looking more towards customization… if you are interested, i believe the price for leather is around $3,100. if you want to custom make a croco and ostrich, i think the price is like $30+k and $17+k respectively if my memory did not fail me…

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