Hermès Haut À Courroies

One of the holy grails of bags as far as I’m concerned, the Hermès Haut À Courroies (or HAC for short) has been in existence (and production) since 1892, created by Émile-Maurice Hermès who modelled it after the totes used by Argentinian cowboys while on a trip to South America. Since then, other bags have been created with the original as the muse, including the Kelly in 1956 and the Birkin in 1984, which was modified from the HAC to be shorter and smaller, but with handles made a tad longer for toting over the arm.

Traditionally made in sizes from 40 cm through to 55 cm (which refers to the width of the bag), it has stayed true to its original form, large and imposing, which also happens to be its Achilles’ heel. Being so huge also means it is a less popular option as far as the guys are concerned. Sometimes, trying to spot one on the streets is like trying to find a unicorn, but when you do, you’ll drop everything you’re doing just to stare at it a little longer, taking in its magnificence and basking in its glory.

The one shown above, in Togo calfskin, is a HAC50. A gorgeous hue of golden cocoa brown, it is priced at SGD19,000, which while out of reach to most mere mortals does also makes it all the more covetable as well.

There are newer sizes which include the smaller 28 cm, 32 cm and 36 cm (though I think they are only made when special orders are received), catered specially to ladies who like its vertical shape as opposed to the Birkin‘s more squarish proportions, but that’s irrelevant as far as this post is concerned, since I’m still on the fence as to whether a HAC50 (or a HAC45 for that matter) is one of the bags I should be seriously considering, even if I will only probably use it as a carry on when I travel. What do you think?

Image: Hermès

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  • Ng Daniel says:

    Too big and heavy, IMHO. 40 cm would be better, but if it looks proportionate with your height, why not? Every fashionista should have a Birkin in his/her lifetime. (FB)

  • Stephen says:

    with that price i rather get a vbh croco brera instead.

  • looplogica says:


    i guess the utility (and even classiness somewhat) has been affected adversely by the Birkin and its “snobriety” factor in popular culture.

    or it might be the fact that i dislike double handle totes.

    anyways why not consider the Kelly 40? the Kelly with its top handle design just gives it a slight edge over the Birkin in classiness. the design and the fact that it’s not as ubiquitous as the Birkin means its also versatile for work-play unisexually (in more sober colours and sizes).

    or take a leaf from Katie Holmes, a Kelly Depeches?

    yes, I’m in love with the Kelly. hah.

  • Eldika says:

    Nice color. U should go buy & add into yr collection!!!

  • LoveHermes says:

    I think you should go for the regular birkin in 50cm. The HAC itself is very broad. In my opinion, a 50cm Birkin will look better than a 50cm HAC. The latter will look ernormously gigantic. Hope you get your holy grail soon!

    • ChrissyHK says:

      Do you know where I can get a Birkin 50? Believe me, I have tried EVERYWHERE, from Paris to London to Tokyo and even as far away as an Hermes boutique in Brazil.

      I might just get this HAC 50 or 55 instead, but I feel like I’m settling, if I have always wanted a Birkin.

  • m says:

    imho, buy it if you can get your hands on one. i have not heard of anyone who has regrets with their h purchases… I think you will find more use for it in your daily life than just for travels… I think the bag must be quite heavy though…

  • Anjum Hameed says:

    Buy… why not…

  • Penny Law says:

    As expensive as Birkin? (FB)

  • kthanksbye says:

    An SA in Paris FSH and another in NYC Madison told me that the smaller sizes are no longer in production.

  • Irra says:

    Do you know how much is the smaller 28 cm??

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