Bagaholicboy News #210 – Louis Vuitton Celebrates 100 Years Of The SLG!

To celebrate Louis Vuitton’s 100 years of small leather goods, a very special event was held in Paris over PFW. Poised and posed alongside taxidermy animals at the famous Deyrolle House were one-of-a-kind pieces created by British artist Billie Achilleos, who was tasked with the enviable job of creating animals using nothing but small leather goods (and other bits and pieces) from Louis Vuitton.

Starting with a sketch, each piece took anywhere between 2 weeks and 2 months to create, something I learned when I had the chance to speak to the artist during the event.

With a total of 29 pieces exhibited (including 3 new almost life-sized ones), I stood transfixed and mesmerised, looking intently at each and every creation and trying to figure out which individual pieces (some still available for sale, some discontinued) were used to make up each work of art.

A celebration of the sheer variety Louis Vuitton has to offer when it comes to SLGs, I do doubt that any other brand would have been able to undertake such a project on such a big scale.

Take the piece above, for example, depicting a pair of fish frolicking amongst sea kelp that are obviously made up of belts from the Monogramouflage collection. The fish’s body is composed of Monogram Mulitcolore Astropill pieces, the fins look like Utah money clips, the head a Monogram Mini Pochette Cles.

And that’s just the fish at the bottom.

Other delightful pieces included a frog made up of green Monogram Vernis pieces, and an owl made up of Monogram Denim. There was even an armadillo that I suspect would be the single most expensive piece in the collection, given the fact that it was covered with Heritage and Monogram Empreinte SLGs from head to toe.

Watch the video to see the artist at work, and just for fun, can anyone guess what the last animal is? I say hedgehog but I’m not entirely sure.

Images & Video: Louis Vuitton

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