Ask The Bagaholicboy #118 – A Gift For My Boyfriend Under SGD500 And Other Bits…

Q: Hi Bagaholicboy, I’m really in a fix as to what to buy for my boyfriend! It is meant to be an anniversary gift, and I want to give him something that’s timeless and meaningful. He is 23 this year and I’m setting a budget of SGD500 for the present. I hope that you are able to give some ideas of a present that are suitable for his age. Thank you!
Katheryn Teo

A: Hi Katheryn, thanks for the email. You didn’t exactly specify what type of gift you want to give your boyfriend, and given the amount you’ve set aside, I did some window shopping online, keeping in mind what you would like to spend, as well as looking for suitable gifts that I myself would be pleased to get as a 23-year-old. Hope this helps!
Love, Bagaholicboy

01. Hermès Silk Twill Tie
You can’t go wrong with anything from Hermès, especially since it’s something that your guy can use over and over again whenever the occasion calls for it.  I can’t recall the exact price but they should be in the SGD300 to SGD350 range.

02. Mulberry Murray 8 Card Wallet
Simple, classic and affordable. The Mulberry Murray 8 Card Wallet in natural smooth leather will be a welcome addition, especially with the amount of cards (and cash) he can put in. Just GBP165 and available online at Mulberry.

03. Hermès Ulysee PM
Another item from Hermès worth checking out is the Ulysee PM, a supple leather agenda that’s both stylish and durable, especially useful if your man likes penning poems (or doodling for that matter) as and when inspiration strikes. Retailing for SGD320 and available in a variety of colours, do note that the refills cost extra.

04. Gucci Suede Belt
Everyone should always have a decent belt in their wardrobe, and because he is still a young chap I wouldn’t recommend anything too formal. The suede belt from Gucci is pretty swell, with the brand’s trademark GG logo embossed on the buckle. Get it for GBP165 from Mr Porter.

05. Bill Amberg 15″ Leather Laptop Case
Another find from Mr Porter, I do love the the bright yellow buttons and the smooth curved edges on this handsome leather laptop case which retails for GBP195. Something he’ll most definitely use if he is the type that’s glued at the hip to his Macbook. And yes, Mr Porter ships internationally.

06. Reveal Volos Cork iPad2 Shell
If he has an iPad2, get him the Reveal Volos Cork iPad2 Shell. Sure it isn’t exactly what you’ll call timeless, but because it only costs SGD79, you’ll have enough cash left over for a fancy dinner somewhere. Get it from Cumulus, located within Wheelock Place.

07. Grenson Stanley Leather Brogues
I don’t know what are your thoughts about giving your guy shoes (I know some people who wouldn’t), but since you didn’t say anything about them in your email, I decided to add these in as well. Brogues are really versatile and this leather pair from Grenson is really swish. Available at Mr Porter for GBP200.

08. Jack Spade Collage Credit Card Holder
Use it as a card case, or just slip in some cash and a couple of cards and he’s good to go. Think wallet, but really slim and minimal. Check this out, as well as other designs from Jack Spade at Cumulus, where they range from SGD130 to SGD200 a pop.

09. Tod’s Zip Card Case
Consider this a versatile three-in-one case, into which he can comfortably fit his keys, cards and cash, all in one zip card case. Get it for USD235 online over at Barneys.

10. Werkstatt Sterling Silver Wound Ring
If all else fails, you can always get him a piece of jewellery, preferably something chunky and fun. Like the sterling silver ring from Werkstatt, which I spotted online at Barneys for USD335. Or check out my other favourites, leather bracelets from Bottega Veneta, Tod’s or YSL that are also pretty cool as well.

And other bits
1.  John, with regards to the stain on your Mum’s bag, I would recommend that you check out Colorwash. From what I hear they are pretty good, so why not bring the bag down and get a consultation?

2. Liz, I’ve always liked the Pandora, the shape is pretty unique and I do like the androgynous vibe it gives off. Check out Barneys for a great selection at pretty competitive prices.

3. Jayce, most brands these days offer slim name card holders for ladies, you just have to decide which style/colour suits you best. Those I’m partial to include those from Bottega Veneta, Hermès and Prada.

Images: Barneys, Cumulus, Hermès, Mulberry & Mr Porter

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  • C says:

    I’ve seen the Grensons in Singapore before!!

  • C says:

    This is such a great guide! Thanks!

  • Katheryn Teo says:

    Hi Bagaholicboy, thank you very much for your suggestions! I do apologise for the lack of details.

    It’s so hard to gather ideas but the suggestions you gave are just things that I like very much too! Have already tweeted your post too!

    Once again I can’t thank you enough for the compilation! I hope you wouldn’t mind me seeking advice from you again in future! Have a good weekend ahead!

  • Denise says:

    Hey BB! These gift guides are great… especially for your large population of female readers. Could you come up with more? Timely since the festive season is round the corner…

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Will do! Thanks for the feedback. Do you have anything in particular (budget/type of gift) in mind?

      • Alice says:

        Hi BB, could you kindly recommend stylish (and soft) men’s messenger bags for S$500 and under? I’m thinking to check out Crumpler and Manhattan Portage. Do you have other brands you could suggest? Appreciate your reply much! Thanks!

  • germaine says:

    The card holders from Jack Spade are great for the lower end of the $500 budget. I just bought one for a friend’s birthday gift – it’s sleek and handy, and stylish to boot.

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