Hermès: Paris Mon Ami

Last year Hermès brought us I Love My Scarf, which had photographer Matt Irwin travelling to 4 different cities to chronicle the lives and loves of 4 fashionable young ladies all decked out in Hermès scarves. This year, the campaign is called  Paris Mon Ami, and it showcases 4 ladies, their lives and their loves shot through the lens of Craig McDean.

While the premise may be similar, the approach and attention to detail is more in-depth this time round. I, for one, spent hours going through all the links, which included pages of gorgeous silks and their accessories, each wonderfully presented to show you every single detail contained within.

Also available online for your viewing pleasure, enamel bracelets from Hermès in all shapes and colours, from the printed to the plain.

Especially fascinating are the knotting cards, which show how to make the most of your precious silks. Use them to adorn your bags, create a completely new one or simply turn the silks into accessories for your head, neck and bust (turning them into toga tops, capes and even belts).

An inspiring way to spend a lazy afternoon, do log on and experience first-hand all that is Paris Mon Ami and the story it has to tell.

Images: Hermès

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