Charlotte Olympia Pandora Bruce Clutch

I always get slightly curious whenever I see any woman carrying a clutch. The first question that pops up in my mind is always regarding its contents. How is it possible that regular women with regular bags that are mostly filled with everything in-between be able to efficiently edit their contents and be self-sufficient for a night out?

Or it is just a total mess on the inside, with its contents just waiting to spill the moment she opens it? Does anyone really stick to the rule of cash/cards/compact powder/lipstick and keys only when packing a clutch? It’s a mystery really.

Then again, mysteries like these (along with the Bermuda Triangle) are best left unexplained. And with the new Charlotte Olympia Pandora Bruce Clutch (GBP495), there’s really no need to either.

A simple black perspex clutch, Bruce here refers to the leopard that forms the clasp, providing some visual interest in the sea of black. Measuring 19 cm by 11 cm, it will probably have enough space for cash/cards/compact powder/lipstick and keys.

And that’s about it really.

Image: Net-A-Porter

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