Hermès Box With Strap And Cowhide Handles

Certainly one of the most unusual things to come out from Hermès recently is the Hermès Box With Strap And Cowhide Handles which is technically not a bag in any sense. Those familiar with equestrian paraphernalia may find this familiar though, a resealable tin that’s traditionally used to hold grooming materials like brushes, soap and bridles.

More interestingly, it comes with a pair of cowhide handles (the bits on the left and right that look like ears), which I’m assuming are there to facilitate easy transport from point A to B. And since while most of us in urban Singapore won’t have a horse (or a stable for that matter), there’s no stopping you from getting one and being creative with it.

Use it to hold your favourite fragrances, or your plush collection of tiny Hello Kitty dolls (Sharon T, are you reading this?). Personally (and if the size permits), I will probably use it to hold all my SLGs sans boxes.

Available in two sizes, the smaller one will retail for SGD570 when it is eventually launched with the F/W11 collection in Singapore. Irrelevant and unnecessary, or a truly novel addition to any house proud Hermès fan? You tell me.

Image: Hermès

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  • adjani says:

    Actually, I think Michael is completely spot on, I love my brands but in recent times, it appears that the explosion in demand has driven a lot of brand owners “mad”. Chanel’s ever increasing prices, Hermes as well. As a manufacturer also, I can appreciate that today, a lot of things are less handmade because there are just less craftsman around. Everyone wants their children to be lawyers or bankers or doctors. A craftsman takes years to hone his skills and make a perfect craft. I can also appreciate that raw material prices are increasing but I am wondering if these all add up to the very high prices that we are seeing.

    Hermes does make some interesting products (regardless of practicality) and there are plenty of rich people willing to buy everything (probably even branded air… *wry smile*)

    I will pay for quality but increasingly we are merely paying for just the brand and the status of owning a branded product (quality discounted).

  • V says:

    That is a very insightful comment. Interesting. But at the end of the day, they are selling a brand, a lifestyle, a name. The world we live in is a consumer-driven one. Just depends on where we place the money at.

  • Ria Pascua says:

    Collector item but not practical to purchase. Sorry! (FB)

  • In my opinion this piece is a shining example of the change that is afoot at Hermes. Correct me if I’m mistaken, but Hermes built its reputation on being the one brand that handmade their products. Their handbags and leather goods were always touted as hand saddle-stitched by a single craftsperson. Today more and more of the leather goods are machine stitched. In fact a Birkin is now made almost like a kit, with various parts being made in different areas of the workshop by different craftsman and many portions of the bag being machine stitched.

    Yet a Birkin today costs more than twice what it did back in 2001. Hermes still has annual or twice yearly price increases, on a bag that is being less and less handmade. The same can be said of their belts and wallets. It used to take approximately 20 to 25 hours to hand make a single Birkin bag. Think about it, how could Hermes possibly keep opening between five and 10 stores per year and provide merchandise for these stores if it takes nearly a week to produce one single bag?

    And today there are more and more Birkin bags available in the stores than there were 10 years ago (wasn’t there a 2 to 3 year waiting list back then? today there is no waiting list). What I am saying is that we the general public are paying more and more for Hermes’ product and yet getting less and less quality.

    To me this tin box is a classic, shining example of this. Years ago this box would have been made entirely of leather, hand stitched. Today they are offering us a cheap tin box with a couple scraps of leather (more than likely machine stitched) for approx. $460.

    It’s no wonder that LVMH wants to own Hermes. Hermes is becoming more and more like LVMH everyday.


  • Large size for dog toys!

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