Cruise 2012 Womens Louis Vuitton

If you’re a fan of classics given an updated, modern twist, then have a look at the bags from the Cruise 2012 Womens Louis Vuitton collection which should launch towards the end of the year. The one bag that’s caught my eye so far is the Saumur, with its perforations and electric blue trim that’s novel and fun.

While not exactly a new concept (there was a Perforated collection that was launched back in 2006), it’s good that Louis Vuitton is doing it again since I remember it was pretty popular way back then.

Another one that’s pretty adorable is this perforated sling bag in pink, which does strangely resemble a design that Louis Vuitton currently does, if I’m not wrong. Can anyone verify?

Besides the perforated ones in Monogram Canvas, full leather versions will also be available, including what looks to be an updated Saumur in deep pink.

Let’s not forget the perforated clutch either, which is pretty nice. Not very Louis Vuitton, but nice nonetheless. Besides the perforated bags, other pieces coming out for Cruise 2012 include the Louis Vuitton SC Bag in Turquoise and Raspberry Pink. More updates to come.

Images: Louis Vuitton

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