SmallWorks BrickCase iPhone4 Case

Having just discovered the joys of shopping online at Strapya World recently, I can safely say it is a huge wasteland of all things cute and adorable. Nothing you buy there will either enrich your life or make you more efficient; in fact it will be the reverse, myself spending the whole morning trawling endless pages of trinkets and what-nots.

Till I came across the SmallWorks BrickCase iPhone4 Case, that is, which brings me back to the days when I still played with Lego. Basically a snap-on plastic case for the iPhone4, the BrickCase actually comes with raised notches that allows you to fix Lego bricks on. Priced at USD30 each, you can buy them online, or I’m pretty sure, find these at mall carts in shopping centres locally.

So go get yourself one, dig out your prized Lego pieces and start getting creative.

Image: Strapya World

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  • s says:

    THEY ship so fast . I love them. all kind of useless unique things!

  • Seow Hui says:

    have always loved strapya!

    ordered once from them for xmas presents a few years back and the delivery was super fast, however they didn’t charge my credit card till a few months after. i had to ask them why they didn’t charge me! not sure if they still operate like that now though haha..

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