Mulberry Postman’s Lock Travel Bag

Ever since I spotted the Mulberry Postman’s Lock Travel Bag way, way back many months ago, I was sworn to secrecy till the day came when it would be finally be available for sale. And that day, my friends, has finally arrived. One of the bags I’m positively lusting after from the Pre-Fall 2011 Womens Mulberry collection, it is a massive bag that’s great for travel (hence the name) or whatever else you can possibly think of. Measuring 50 cm across by 38 cm, does it not remind you of the Alexa?

Except it is much, much bigger. Which also means that all the boys (and girls) who wanted the original Alexa but wanted it much bigger (no, the Oversized Alexa is not nearly this big), can finally invest in this baby instead.

Use it when you travel, use it for the gym, or even as a mummy bag to carry all the kid’s stuff from point to point, it is a true godsend for those like me who have been waiting for this day to come.

Priced at GBP1300 online, the bags are made of soft buffalo leather and come in 2 colours, Black (shown above) and Oak (click here). Which do you prefer?

And if you can’t decide yet, no worries. Mulberry at Hilton Shopping Gallery will be bringing in some pieces for sale in Singapore, so you just need to head down and put yourself on the wait list if you’re keen to check it out in person beforehand.

Image: Mulberry

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