Marc Jacobs Peseta Sailor Backpack

Ever so often I head over to Marc Jacobs’ online site to torture myself, poring over the 155 Special Items (yes, I counted) that you can’t ever buy in Singapore. From flip-flops and apparel to accessories and bags, it is a virtual treasure trove of affordable designer goodies that’s definitely drool-worthy.

And the one item I’m lusting for today is the Marc Jacobs Peseta Sailor Backpack, a simple cotton bag with interesting detailing in the form of contrasting colours for the handles and the two-tone cotton tie which secures the backpack. But if you prefer a little more colour, follow the link and check out the other two variations available, one with vertical red and yellow stripes, another with horizontal green and white stripes.

Just USD165. Too bad we can’t get any here in Singapore.

Image: Marc Jacobs

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  • Akash says:

    Luckily the Marc By Marc Jacobs flagship store down at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong stocks certain items! It’s a real treat. You ought to visit it when you visit HK. But if you want all of it, head down to the Bleeker Street in NY (It’s got the Book Marc Store too!). Tell your buddies in NY to buy them for you and ship it all the way!

    P.S. The City and Skin Cancer Tee are so freakin fetch!

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