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Last week I previewed the fluorescent satchels from The Cambridge Satchel Company, this week is all about the satchels and batchels in regular colours. Even more affordable than their fluorescent counterparts, Doorstep Luxury is officially taking pre-orders now for all 8 colours (Black, Green, Navy, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, Vintage Brown) in sizes 11″, 13″, 14″ and 15″. Prices start at SGD170 for the 11″, all the way to SGD200 for the 15″.

If you want a satchel with a handle, then check out the batchel, which is also available in all 8 colours but only in one size, the 15″. Retailing for a little bit more (SGD220), this is great if you want to carry the bag in your hand sometimes, as opposed to carrying it over your shoulder all the time.

Last but not least, we’ve got the multi-colour batchels in 14″ and priced at SGD280. Available in 3 different colour combinations, they are Green with Blue trim, Purple with Yellow trim and Vintage Brown with Navy trim. There is another size for the batchel, the 15″ in Brown with Brown trim (SGD300), which is also my favourite of the lot. One more thing. If you own a 13″ MacBook Pro, it will fit best in the 15″ satchel (or batchel).

So many options, at low low prices. Do remember that shipping is free for orders in Singapore, and Doorstep Luxury is still offering 5% off all the listed prices if you pre-order now at their Facebook fan page. Go!

Image: Doorstep Luxury

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  • Yancie says:

    I’m trying to decide between 14″ and 15″ to fit an 11″ MacBook Air and other small items for work. And I’m only 5’2″. Please advise on best size.

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Given your height, plus the biggest item you’ve got is the 11″ MacBook Air, I’ll say go for the 14″ satchel. It should suffice and still look good on your frame.

  • Emma says:

    Hi BB, I am really hoping to get one of these bags but I am a bit stuck on sizes; so I was wondering if you could help me out? I have a 13″ MacBook Pro, but would this fit in a 13″ satchel, or would I have to get the 14″?

    Thank you for your help!

  • isna fitriana says:

    I am located in Indonesia and go to Singapore vey often. I would like to get a satchel with embossing on it. What do you suggest me to do? Should I order online and what’s the site? I have some friends in SG also for the mailing address or can it be sent to Indonesia.

  • Gwen says:

    Thank you for your advice. Much appreciated. Just wondering, out of all the coloured satchels in the regular range, which would you go for? By the way, do you reckon lemon (under the ASOS range) or yellow is a nicer colour?

  • Gwen says:

    Hi BB, need your kind advise as to which colour of the satchel I should get.

    I’ve been torn between 3 colours as of now and they’re all ASOS limited editions. They are the 13″ lemon satchel, the 14″ pink metallic satchel and the 13″ lilac metallic satchel.

    I’m looking for a colour that will coordinate well with my outfits and I’m usually in safe colours of black and white.

    Starting to experiment with red, blue and green as well. Which colour would you advise? I’m leaning towards the 13″ lemon satchel. Appreciate your help as I’ve been thinking about this for days!

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      I generally avoid anything metallic as I feel they are more trend-driven, which means it will come and go.

      If I had to pick just one, it will be the one in Lemon then.

  • Mei says:

    Hi BB! I was wondering if you would know whether the 15″ satchel can fit the Macbook Pro 15″? Am hoping to get one soon. Thanks!

  • Jeffrey says:

    Where is the store I can buy the satchel in Singapore? Thank you!

  • Andrea says:

    Hi! I was just wondering, if a 13″ satchell could fit new 13″ macbook air in? Thank you.

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