Spring-Summer 2011 Mens Givenchy

I’m still amazed at how fast Givenchy has turned her fortunes around, from a laughing stock in the 80s to what it is today, a label that’s progressive and romantic all at once, one that dares to walk on the wild side (quite literally for S/S11 by the way) with pieces that never cease to enthrall.

It is also one of my current favourites, and I never fail to pop into the boutique at Paragon just to see what new arrivals have, well, arrived. And it doesn’t help that I already own 6253 (actually just 6) shirts from them, given the fact that I never, ever used to believe in paying so much for apparel.

My 7th will probably be this one from the S/S11 collection (shown above), the gorgeous light camel (or is it beige) shirt with raised corded panels on the front and shoulders of the shirt (SGD1800). Having already seen it umpteen times at the local boutique, it is only a matter of time before I succumb.

Something else that I’m eyeing are the shoes from the S/S11 collection, which includes variations of those shown here. Pretty much like brogues but with laser-cut floral-like appliqués, the one that I’m quite insanely mad with is this pair that I tweeted about this afternoon. On the other hand, it costs SGD1750, which is why I’m still pondering. Hard.

And because the post will be incomplete without a gratifying bag feature, here’s my current love from Givenchy, the Givenchy George V Apron Tote with laser-cut detailing. I wasn’t really impressed when the SA brought it out; it looked fussy and overworked. But once I picked it up and started playing with it (by playing, I mean posing with it while facing the mirror), I was so convinced I was almost willing to part with SGD3800 just to bring it home.

The George V Apron Tote is roomy, with shoulder drops big enough for a guy. On the inside, expect a zip pocket, a slot pocket and a smaller pocket just for your mobile. Other versions available in Singapore now include one in calfskin (SGD1750), another in lambskin (SGD2100) and last but not least, one in karung (SGD4750).

One last thing. The Givenchy boutique at Paragon is currently very well-stocked, including bags (expect the Elme, George V, Mitre, Nightingale and Pandora), shoes and RTW. They’ve also got a less expensive range as far as the clothes are concerned, so just walk in and check them out.

Images: Givenchy

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  • i’d be obsessed, too. i like the shoes in the 1st photo. can you elaborate why you didn’t believe in paying too much for apparel and what changed your mind? thanks.

  • V says:

    The pandora on men looks like a joke. The shape is awkward for an average built man.
    The nightingale looks far better – with the shoulder strap and all.

  • Sean says:

    Hi, I called Givenchy and they said they don’t have the long Men’s Nightingale you posted before. They only have a slightly larger Nightingale in nylon for men at $1800. Which bags from Givenchy do you think are suitable for men because I’m simply obsessed with Givenchy.

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