John Lobb Brown Rubber Overshoes

Something new I learn every day. Admittedly I’ve been rather shoe-crazy lately, what with my recent buy of brogues from both Prada and Dr. Martens. To make matters worse, I’ve been trawling online retails sites, blogs and even magazines to see if I missed anything else worth getting.

While going through Mr Porter, I came across these, the John Lobb Brown Rubber Overshoes, which I never knew existed till today. Not technically shoes, but rubber sleeves you put over the leather shoes to protect them from rain and snow, they are specially made for John Lobb shoes which can easily cost from GBP655 and up.

Designed to fit seamlessly, they retail for GBP125 and come in different sizes. All well and good of course, provided you’ve got a pair of John Lobbs to protect in the first place. I guess the bigger question is, do you think they can (and should) be worn alone on its own as a pair of casual loafers?

Image: Mr Porter

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