Bagaholicboy News #196 – TANGS Presents StyleSpace On 4!

The premise is simple. How often have you wandered down Orchard Road seeing a multitude of brands replicated in every other mall and wondering how our retail experience became what it is, dull, ho hum and pretty much the same everywhere?

Staying ahead of the curve and making a bold move by closing its kids’ department and launching a new retail concept is TANGS, who is taking the daring leap forward, revamping Level 4 and repositioning it to attract younger shoppers.

Called StyleSpace On 4, it will feature merchandise from international and local labels not currently available, as well as provide a venue for fringe events such as mini fashion shows, music performances, film screenings, photography and art exhibitions.

For the first 6 weeks, there will be 3 different themes lasting a fortnight each, the first one being I Am Dynamite, which will be a celebration of all things bright and brilliant. Expect special limited editions from 15 different brands including Converse, DC Comics, Dr. Martens, Paul Frank and sifr, all of which I’m looking forward to when it kicks off this Friday (15 April 2011).

One last thing. The launch party for StyleSpace On 4 kicks off at 8pm, with a league of your favourite comic superheroes taking over the runway. The event is open to all, so don’t forget to make your way down on Friday.

Image: TANGS
This is a special courtesy of TANGS

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