Separated At Birth #13 – Heritage Leather Co. Canvas Mason Bag & DKNY Cotton Canvas Tote

It has been a long while since I did any Separated At Birth posts, and the reason is simple. With so many bags looking similar to one another nowadays, it will almost be a chore to keep track of them constantly. Just take the Alexa for example. After Mulberry adapted it from the classic satchel shape and found themselves with a bestseller, it was then copied (or mocked) by a hundred different brands.

So when it is adapted, or mocked, I’d usually let it pass. But when it is one of those exact copies (give or take some degrees of difference), I sit up and take notice. Then proceed to blog about it.

And today’s post happens to concern the Heritage Leather Co. Canvas Mason Bag (which I blogged about last year) and DKNY’s new S/S11 offering, the DKNY Cotton Canvas Bag which I just spotted doing my rounds at Net-A-Porter. Sure there are subtle differences (DKNY’s version comes lined in black canvas, and comes with a small slot pocket at the back), but other than that, they are almost identical, but not quite. Like Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Here is DKNY’s version, and if you look closely at both bags, you’ll see what I mean. The shape, length of handles and even the metal feet at the bottom are the same. Both come with the same framed opening, and even the same colour leather trim (yes, DKNY’s leather is more tan, whereas Heritage Leather Co.’s version is more yellow, but you get where I’m going).

It’s like someone at DKNY bought the former and thought to himself (or herself), let’s just copy it completely and put our  logo on it. Yes, that will be part of our S/S11 collection. And went home.

The only real difference, however, is the price. While the Heritage Leather Co.’s version will only cost you USD79 (around SGD100 or so), the one from DKNY will cost you almost 5 times more after conversion from GBP240.

What do you think? Or am I being just too harsh?

Image: Hickoree’s Hard Goods & Net-A-Porter

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