Loewe + Katie Hillier Limited Edition Collection

The concept of cute is something that always sells well, as long as it is done tastefully. And in the case of the new Loewe + Katie Hillier limited edition collection, there’s definitely no doubt that these pieces will be well received.

Designed in collaboration with accessories designer Kate Hillier, a fan of the brand who describes the iconic Amazona as ‘a classic bag for cool girls’. With that said, she didn’t want to interfere with the designs of existing bags, but decided to add her own touch, replacing Loewe’s signature padlock with her very own animal designs.

An example of her own work is this set of 3 rings, consisting of pieces Bunny Loves, Glowing Heart and Bubble Heart, a stunning ensemble of luxury jewellery.

Naturally, for the Loewe Ida (the shoulder satchel), her first animal-inspired padlock was the Rabbit. In fact, all the 3 bags in the collection in Navy (be it the Ida, the Amazona28 or the classic Amazona) will come with the rabbit padlock.

For all the 3 bags in Pink, the accompanying animal will be the Mouse.

Which in my honest opinion is somehow cuter than the Rabbit. Besides the 2 aforementioned animals, there is a 3rd (the Snail) that will come with all the bags in Red.

Available exclusively online now at Colette, they are priced at EUR790, EUR1100 and EUR1600 for the Ida, the Amazona28 and the classic Amazona respectively, before shipping and taxes.

Which one do you like the most? And don’t forget to check out my Facebook fan page for more images of the collection.

Images: Hillier London & Loewe

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  • Winnie says:

    Hi Bagaholicboy, which colour is more popular? I like red and blue, but can’t decide which to colour to buy? Any advice? Seems like I didn’t see the Loewe logo printed on the blue and pink bag, the snail carries the Loewe logo?

  • ClaraK says:

    I heard they will be available in SG soon. Do you have any news?

  • Cecilia says:

    Hey bb, I got the blue Amazona 28 and LOOOOOVE it! In fact I like all 3 colors but the blue comes with a rabbit padlock so I figured this could be a nice memento of the Year of the Rabbit…

  • Cara says:

    I was checking the website…

    The color listed was Blue Angel but the color shown was black… want to buy the blue which you have shown… but dont know if I should take the leap of faith and place an order for Blue Angel and hope I get what you have posted… what do you think?

  • jessica says:

    wat do you recommend the Amazona28 or the classic Amazon. red or pink? i’m undecided again.. my oh my…

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Tough one. Let’s see, between the Amazona28 or the classic Amazona, it is the size. The latter is much bigger, so it depends on what you will use the bag for.

      In terms of colour, while I do adore Pink, I do think the one in Red will be less prone to stains and marks.

  • Hui Yi says:

    Aww… sooo adorable! How I wish they are in Singapore.

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