Kate Spade Pineapple Coin Purse

As much as I know this is going to sound very ‘Chinese’, the Kate Spade Pineapple Coin Purse (USD95) is something that most Asians can appreciate, given its numerous connotations relating to prosperity.

For starters, the adorable coin purse is in the shape of a pineapple, which in Chinese dialect loosely translates to ‘gold coming forth’. The purse is also covered in circular gold discs, which will again delight those who believe that they will always ‘have wealth’ when holding it in the palm of their hand. And because you’ll basically be ‘storing wealth’ within the purse (it is after all made to hold coins and notes), it is even more auspicious all round.

Yes, I channelled all my inner aunty just to do this post. Now go forth, purchase, and prosper.

Image: Kate Spade

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