Church’s Bi-Colour Leather Brogues

Walking past Church’s at ION Orchard over the weekend I spotted these, the Church’s Bi-Colour Leather Brogues, which stopped me dead in my tracks in front of the display window. From their S/S11 collection, they reminded me of my Prada Creeper Brogues, and I decided to find out more.

An esteemed English brand that’s owned by the Prada Group, I remember the SA telling me they cost SGD1050 (or was it SGD1010 a pair?). A little bit pricey, yes, even though part of me was telling me the exquisite workmanship and navy/white leather combo would more than make up for it.

Still I wasn’t 100% sure and decided to put it on my wish list instead. And going with my gut feel was right after all, because while surfing a while ago on Mr Porter, I came across the exact same pair going for around SGD478 or so after conversion.

Over 50% off, with enough change for a Starbucks. Guess I’ll be getting another pair of brogues pretty soon.

Image: Mr Porter

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  • Aloysius says:

    went down to take a look. There are actually two versions. One is for formal, other is for informal. The shoes in the pictures you posted here cost $850 IIRC. The other more formal version cost exact $1050.

    But I think PRADA is nicer cuz of the color!

  • Aela says:

    It’s amazing! Saw it as well at Ion and I knew I had to get it! It’s really comfy too!! It’s a must have!

  • You should be able to contact the NYC Church’s store. They have them in stock on Madison Avenue, I believe. Same price as Mr. Porter.

    Good luck!

  • s says:

    very nice! Btw do check out the amazing gorgeous shoes (i forget the brand) inside Hour Glass at SG Knightsbridge, there are also ties and soon, suits for men!

  • They are fantastic. I ordered mine from Mr. Porter too!

  • kesler says:

    I just got mine from Mr Porter last week… and still saving it for when I get to wear it for the first time.

  • angele says:

    hmm, church’s shoes are definitely of fine workmanship (my dad loves stitched-on leather shoes).

    but there are some points to consider.

    1. the sole tends to wear off easily. i’m not sure about this current design, but it tends to be the case for previous designs. You might need to keep replacing the soles.

    2. also the leather is really soft, so it might get scratches easily.

    My dad’s shoes were bought before the Prada takeover though.. so I’m not sure how the quality is like now.

    • Bagaholicboy says:

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving your tips. I guess the soles can be replaced, so that’s fine with me.

      More importantly I think I have to buy a pair now just to test them out! LOL!

  • Calyn says:

    BB wow, congrats! I been thinking of getting one from the ladies collection. Walked past the ion store a few times but felt the SA(s) were rather snobish.

    Do you think its more worthwhile to get it online from netaporter?

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