Chanel Paris-Shanghai Take Away Bag

I know it is way too late to be posting this, but since I did spot it along Orchard Road last week, I thought it was worth a mention. Actually I first spotted it in Paris in early March, then again last week outside Mandarin Gallery. Twice the charm, perhaps?

Officially known as the Chanel Paris-Shanghai Take Away Bag, it came out last year and retailed for USD7500 a piece. Modelled after the humble Chinese takeout box and made famous after Lady Gaga was snapped carrying one, it sold out soon after.

Thing is, I don’t hate it (I even posted an image of it on Facebook back in August 2010). And seeing in twice more in person just made me appreciate how Karl Lagerfeld dares to push the boundaries. I’m just wondering: would it have worked if a brand less famous did the same, or did it work for Chanel because well, it is Chanel?

What do you think?

Image: Chanel

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  • Vicky says:

    Definitely because it’s Chanel. Who else can charge that much for a bag that look like take out box? Personally, I think it’s quite ugly actually.

    The fact that Lady Gaga was seen carrying it also help. Otherwise I think it will just sit there on the shelf.

  • Von says:

    I love it, the way I loved (and bought) Chanel’s upside-down bag.

  • Stanley Lui says:

    I think it is a challenge on the notion of what defines luxury. For the uber-rich a Chanel Takeaway is just another Luxury, but for the beggar on the street, a Chinese takeaway is in itself THE Luxury.

  • Aaron Chan says:

    “Take Away” Chanel. Really?

  • Tarandip says:

    It definitely worked because it’s Chanel. I mean it’s unique to carry a take away box as a bag but come on, it wouldn’t have been sold out if it wasn’t by Chanel and wasn’t carried by Lady Gaga.

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