Fall-Winter 2011 Womens Gucci

There are 3 points I would like to make with regards to the Fall-Winter 2011 Womens Gucci collection. I know Frida mentioned that this collection was inspired by Anjelica Huston and Florence Welch of Florence And The Machine, but try as I might, all I’m seeing are glamourous mafia gangsters. If the movie was all about the Godmother (instead of the Godfather), this would be their wardrobe.

Secondly, it seems that Gucci doesn’t want any mere mortals buying their F/W11 bags. Most everything that came down the runway were exorbitant exotics, from python to ostrich, croc (or is it alligator) to lizard. Anymore and it will be like flipping through the pages of Jungle Book. But I jest.

Runway shows are supposed to showcase only the very best the house has to offer, in the most luxuriant of materials. Actual pieces made for production will most likely be watered down (and made more affordable) for the masses.

That, however, wasn’t the second point I wanted to make. It’s actually an observation that these Gucci bags look like those that came out from Loewe a season before. Yes, there are subtle differences (length of handle, hardware detailing and so on), but it is pretty much the same bag. Meet the Loewe Alva, which is currently available in 2 sizes and retailing for between SGD2690 and SGD3650.

And to be really fair, both designers were probably inspired by another bag that was in existence before, so let’s not start the who-copied-whom thing. At the end of the day, it just boils down to which brand you like better, the price and of course, which combination of colours/materials used best suits your personality, and wardrobe.

Last but not least, my 3rd point. Can designers stop doing the Céline Box Bag/Dior 3D rounded-corner-front-flap-little-shoulder-bag thing? Really guys, it is time to move on and flog some other bag type to death. But I have to admit, Gucci’s version ain’t too bad either. Just saying.

Images: LoeweStyle

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