Update – Spring-Summer 2011 Womens Louis Vuitton

For those of you eagerly awaiting fresh details regarding the bags from the Spring-Summer 2011 Womens Louis Vuitton collection, you’ll need to wait no more. Here are some exclusive updates for you all.

The runway collection (which comprises 5 different lines, 4 of which will be showcased in this post) will be released worldwide from mid-February 2011 to early April 2011, so depending on what you’re eyeing, it is best to inform your local Louis Vuitton SA in advance.

First up, my personal favourite sub-collection of the season, the Louis Vuitton Cuir Art Deco collection which comprises bags in 2 different shapes. Priced from USD3270, the shoulder bags are a tribute to the Art Deco movement, one of the key inspirations of the show.

Not dissimilar to the former sub-collection is this, simply named Monogram Empire. A referrence to the ‘Empire’ style (the style originated in and takes its name from the period when Napoleon I ruled France), it is a mix of luxurious materials such as stitched jacquard, suede (used on the bag’s flap), exotic python trim and brass hardware.

Available in 2 different shapes (much like the pieces from the Cuir Art Deco collection), these will start from USD4070.

Next up, the wondrously stunning pieces from the Louis Vuitton Galuchat Maestria collection. Priced from USD4840 a piece, the name actually means ‘stingray mastery’; the clutches are made of stingray skin (galuchat is the French word for stingray and maestria means mastery in Italian).

Moving along, we’ve got another clutch from the Louis Vuitton Monogram Savage collection, savage a reference to one of the show’s major themes: animal prints. Look closely and you’ll see rows of sequins sewn onto the Monogram Canvas body,  with metallic python skin used as trim and and shiny goatskin on the front flap.

Available in 2 different sizes, the Tiger (shown above) retails for USD3730, whilst the smaller Cub retails for USD2640.

Pricey? Definitely. Exquisite? Most definitely. Looking at the images up close I can only imagine the amount of thought and detail put into each piece, which is something Louis Vuitton does only too well when it comes to their runway pieces.

Images: Louis Vuitton

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