Mykita + Uslu Airlines Jet Set

In this day and age where collaborations are getting commonplace and nothing really seems that unique anymore, here’s one that definitely piqued my interest. Mykita, along with Berlin-based Uslu Airlines (a luxury cosmetics line, and not an actual airline as I found out) have joined hands and come up with the Mykita + Uslu Airlines Jet Set, a limited edition set that comes with a pair of sunglasses that are colour-coated with matching nail polish.

And depending on what you like, the 3 colours include MYK (grey-brown), SXF (their new twist on neon yellow) and ITA (lilac). The sunnies also come in 2 models, the Eve (for the ladies) and Bob (for the guys), though I would seriously advise the men to not use their nail polish and give it to their ladyfolk instead.

In Singapore you can pre-order them now from Pacific Optical (6337-3046), where it retails for SGD1220 a set.

Images: Mykita

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  • tiffany says:

    i was thinking “ok this is a set i ‘dun mind’ getting” until i saw the price at the bottom of your entry! *gags*

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