Jil Sander Acetate Market Bag

Will wonders never cease. First spotted on the runway of the Spring-Summer 2011 Womens Jil Sander show, the slightly controversial bag has made its debut on Net-A-Porter. Priced at GBP90 (around SGD185), it is basically a glorified plastic bag, and reminds me of those you get when shopping for fresh produce at the wet market.

Measuring 32 cm by 58 cm, the transparent acetate bag is as simple as it gets, with no inner pockets or side slots, though it comes with a stamped leather tag which carries the designer’s logo. And that’s it, really.

So what do I really think of the Jil Sander Acetate Market Bag? Call it what you want (pure genius, pure madness or even taking fashion a tad too far), but as far as I’m concerned, I’m loving it. Maybe it’s because I’m suffering from bag fatigue, not helped by the fact that bags are getting more complicated and expensive, or maybe I just want to go back to a time when bags were really just bags, simply to carry what you needed from point A to B.

And maybe, just  maybe, I just want to see those puzzled expressions as I pass them walking down Orchard Road, carrying my huge orange bag. And if they ask why I’m carrying a plastic bag to town I’ll simply reply, ‘It ain’t just a plastic bag, baby, it’s Jil Sander.’

Image: Net-A-Porter

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  • Linds says:

    love it, love it so much, it’s the most pimped up plastic bag ever!

  • Martin says:

    “Do you ever feel like a plastic bag, drifting through the wind wanting to start again?” I bet this Jil Sander bag can relate to Katy Perry’s song. Lol. (sorry, I just had to post this) But I do really like this bag and it is affordable, just wondering if a guy can pull it off?

  • myself says:

    bought today at jil sander in milan! i bought the last one and my s.a. told me they received like 25 of these last week and sold all of them!

  • bee says:

    BB, one more way of using this, to carry mandarin oranges during CNY! Lol!

  • Shelvi says:

    I agree with you. What we need is more simplicity in fashion.

  • I love it! And in ORANGE! The perfect go with nothing, go with everything color!

  • Daryl Ong says:

    Slightly disappointing but I understand why people like it! (FB)

  • Haha the irony! Well, this is a nicer than the other “plastic” bags attempt by the other contemporaries. (FB)

  • ClaireL says:

    That’s very arresting and all – a nice bright shade of orange that reminds me of safety – you know, life rings and traffic cones and such. But I’m not digging it.

  • I really enjoy humour in fashion and I totally see where this is coming from – as you say BB it’s a classic ‘bubble-up’ design. What i find more interesting though is the social commentary this artefact creates – in many European countries plastic bags are taxed or even banned by their governments so by making an expensive one it is almost like saying ‘only the wealthy can afford the luxury of disposability.’

    It could also be a comment on Fast Fashion… Regardless, I love it too – it’s very fresh.

    • J says:

      I really like your perspective and interpretation of this bag, but for a company to profit by making ‘social comments’ would be truly disgusting. I’d pass, even if I had the cash.

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