Hermès iPad Station

Truth is, I’ve haven’t bought myself a decent iPad case yet, and while I’ve had mine for some months now, I was always on the fence about it. Those I wanted were almost always sold out (I’m actually still on the wait list for the one from Prada, so it’s not true what they say about me getting preferential treatment), while the others were available just didn’t catch my fancy in person.

Sure, the one that I currently own from Head Porter works fine, but it is still more street than chic, and not exactly the type of case I want to pull out when I meet up with the big boys. So when I chanced upon the new Hermès iPad Station (from the S/S11 collection), my heart skipped a beat.

More slipcase than a cover or an actual case, you can stand the iPad up (click here to see another image), but if you look closely, nothing is going to actually hold it from falling out if you’re not careful, which will be a disaster for any electronic gadget. In Swift calfskin, you get Bleu Abyss on the outside, while the interior comes in their trademark Orange. Sleek and chic, what more can you ask for, right?

Priced at SGD1350, my heart says yes, while my head says no. What do you say?

Image: Hermès

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