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I went down to Givenchy at Paragon for two reasons today. Firstly, it was to check out a tote that I spotted in the press kit, which I thought was similar to the one from Céline that I tweeted about a couple days ago. The other reason? Well, we’ll get to that later.

As I discovered, the tote is called the Elme, and at first glance, it does indeed look somewhat similar to the Luggage Tote from Céline. The shape is also almost the same, except for the fact that when compared to the former, it is smaller. Not only that, the depth is also narrower, which is at the end of the day, is a blessing for those who found the Luggage Tote too big and cumbersome.

In addition, the Givenchy Elme comes with a detachable shoulder strap, which will come in useful whenever you need to be handsfree. In other words, the House of Givenchy has found themselves another hit that I’m sure will fly off the shelves pretty soon.

And the best thing? It only costs SGD1890 (or was it SGD1980) for the one in full leather (they have it now in Beige and Brown), which is truly a steal for such a refined and elegant tote. In other words, it has my stamp of approval.

Before I sign off, here’s the other reason I found myself at Givenchy today. Their end-of-season sale is still ongoing (till the end of the month) and discounts are now up to 50% off, which is why I couldn’t resist buying yet another dress shirt from them. My 3rd to date (yes, I’m seriously addicted); there is something about the cutting and fabric that’s most definitely top-notch. Go!

Image: Givenchy

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