Fall-Winter 2011 Mens Louis Vuitton

Without further ado, here are some of the bags that came down the runway from the Fall-Winter 2011 Mens Louis Vuitton collection which just was shown in Paris. First up, the small collection of leather clutches and waist pouches that are adorned with ornate oversized clasps, no doubt inspired by Louis Vuitton’s iconic S-locks and trunk latches.

Gorgeous as they might be, I don’t see how they will be practical for everyday life, unless the men you know actually use a tiny mobile phone, a small wallet and not much else. Still, they are beautiful pieces in their own right.

Much more practical are these larger clutches (or portfolios if it makes you more comfortable). Employing the same ornate clutch, these will instantly jazz up any dull office ensemble and give you that added spring in your step, after your wallet has recovered from the massive haemorrhage from purchasing it in the first place.

Last but not least, here are some of the pieces from the much anticipated Damier Infini collection, soft calfskin embossed with former’s classic check print available in a variety of designs, including the Neo Greenwich and Porte-Documents Voyage. There are also some new designs, including what looks to be an overnight/weekend brief and a clutch portfolio shaped a la H by Harris.

Already, I’m having some issues with these pieces. Firstly, they will be incredibly expensive, seeing how runway pieces in full leather from Louis Vuitton often cost around the equivalent of 3 arms and 4 legs. Secondly (and more importantly), the larger ones will most likely be on the heavier side, which also means only those who aspire to have huge bulging biceps should seriously consider them.

Images: Gianni Pucci, Style

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