Envirosax Cherry Lane Collection

I’ve been using Envirosax totes for a couple of years now, and they always come in handy when I’m grocery shopping or when I’m picking up nibs and nobs (you know, a plastic folder from Muji, capsules from Nespresso, loafers from Car Shoe) from all over town. You already know they are sturdy, lightweight and economical (SGD14.50 each), so I won’t really go into that any further. Instead, we’ll focus on their collection for S/S11, the Envirosax Cherry Lane collection.

Due out on Monday at retailers including Takashimaya Department Store, John Little and Parco Millenia, the collection comprises 5 pieces with a suburban theme, almost Desperate Housewives if you ask me.

Besides the usual pieces in floral prints, I like the ones featured here, especially Greyhound and Bicycle. Cherry ain’t bad either, but it is a tad too colourful for me. On the other hand, I am pretty sure the ladies out there will snap up this design in no time.

Besides Cherry Lane, do also look out for the Envirosax Optimistic collection (in my opinion very mish-mash) and the Envirosax Trilogy collection which features famous landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, the New York State Building and the Sydney Opera House.

Images: Eco-Rhapsody

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