Cruise 2011 Womens Bottega Veneta

First, the good news. One of the most eye-catching totes from the Cruise 2011 Womens Bottega Veneta collection will be available in Singapore, the Bottega Veneta Canvas Vachette Bolle Print Tote.

Basically a simple canvas tote with leather handles that can be adjusted, Tomas Maier is all about the seaside vacations and lounging on the beach for Cruise 2011. Available in two different colours (Lagoon and Assenzio), the SGD1560 tote measures 37 cm by 29 cm and will work on the beach, or for casual weekends in town.

While I have no issues with the tote, it was a tad too small for my taste when I tried it out myself, and if I had SGD1890 in spare change I would consider this: the Bottega Veneta Canvas Vachette Bolle Print Couple Tote. Meant for two to carry (you and your beau, each carrying one handle as you walk towards beach with all your gear; you get the picture), this tote comes with two sets of handles, a longer set for carrying it over your shoulder, the shorter set for hand carrying.

It is also much bigger than the former, measuring 43.5 cm by 31 cm.

Now for the bad news. The only tote I had my eye on was the Bottega Veneta Canvas Vernice Tote (45.5 cm by 33.5 cm), which unfortunately will not be available in Singapore. Almost similar to the iconic cabas sans weaved intrecciato leather, of course, I would have been quite happy with the one in Empire (shown above). Or Assenzio.

Still, all is not lost as I hear that Bottega Veneta ION Orchard stocks a version in Black and it retails for SGD2050.

Last but not least, I’ve said this a million times before, and I’ll say it again. Every woman should own at least one Knot in her lifetime, a true classic icon in every sense of the word. And for Cruise 2011, they come in a smattering of colours with fringed edges (SGD3280) that personify Maier’s collection, fun, playful and irreverent.

Images: Bottega Veneta

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