Bagaholicboy News #183 – Blake Lively Appointed Ambassadress Of Chanel Mademoiselle

This just in. Chanel has released an official statement confirming what has been flying all over the internet for the past 48 hours. Blake Lively has been appointed to front Chanel’s new line of handbags, the Mademoiselle collection. Chosen for ‘her fresh, youthful image and her innate sense of fashion’, she is seen pictured above with Mr Lagerfeld himself and one of bags she will be representing.

And this is the Chanel Mademoiselle, which I’m sure will come in a myriad of sizes, and shrunken perhaps to be made into clutches and cosmetic pouches. My question is, do you think Blake’s a good fit for Chanel, or do you think someone like say, Natalie Portman, would be more apt?

Then again, given his (Karl Lagerfeld) penchant for using celebrities that are more eclectic and unconventional (think Lily Allen and Vanessa Paradis), I’m not really surprised either.

Images: Chanel

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  • CC says:

    When will the bags be in singapore and price range?

  • Agnes says:

    Blake is beautiful but not too classy enough for Chanel. Hmm.

  • Evelyn Pang says:

    i think blake is great! more in season and the new “in-thing”. pardon me but i feel natalie is kinda passe.

  • Natalie Portman would look better for Chanel if you ask me. Blake is wonderful, but she`s just started her carreer, more or less, she`s still in the Gossip fever and I think it`s a long way to go til she`s some little face of Chanel

  • theknees says:

    i don’t think she’s classy enough for Chanel or the bag she’s representing! yes I think Natalie Portman would have been a better choice! or even Keira Knightley!

  • germaine says:

    I haven’t seen many photos of Blake lately that aren’t of her in character as Serena vdW, so I’m not sure what her personal style really is like. But if it’s anything like Serena’s outfits… no. Just no. Blake may have great boobs, but if she’s to be the face of Chanel Mademoiselle, I do hope she’ll cease putting them on display ALL the time!

  • gabrial says:

    Since Chanel is such a classic label, I think Mr Karl Lagerfeld would like to ‘LIVE’ up a bit of young soul into Chanel!

  • Priscilla says:

    Nathalie Portman is famous for being the celebrity every company wants but cannot get, based on the number of rejections she made.

    Chanel choosing Blake Lively makes her too good for Chanel. Can’t compare!

  • Naomi says:

    I think Blake Lively fits the image of Chanel given her great sense of fashion. I wouldn’t agree less and would be happy to see on a Chanel ad. I think she look fantabulous!

  • TrixTrix says:

    I think Blake’s soooo cool, but why does she look so un-Lively in this shot??

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