Bagaholicboy News #182 – Godfrey Gao, The New Face Of Louis Vuitton

First there was the strong Chinoiserie flavour in the Spring-Summer 2011 Womens Louis Vuitton runway collection, and now I’ve received confirmation of Taiwanese model (and hunk de jour) Godfrey Gao [ 高以翔 ] as one of the new faces for the S/S11 mens ad campaign. Say what you want, but I see it as a strategic play for the booming Chinese market.

And I’m really not surprised at this development either, because a) Godfrey is cute, and b) Louis Vuitton has the foresight to know which market to pander to.

In the ad campaign, he is seen along with the Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Elvis, which I now know will only be available in Singapore come March 2011. Tentatively priced at USD1210 and USD1100 for the GM and the MM respectively, the messenger is guaranteed to sell lots more with Mr Gao’s endorsement.

What I’m really wondering about is whether there will be other celebrities in the ad campaign, since the press release did say (and I quote), ‘Godfrey Gao is selected as one of the models of the advertising campaign’. More Asian actors/models/celebrities perhaps?

Now that would be interesting.

Image: Louis Vuitton

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  • Christine says:

    Who doesn’t admire hunks?? Tasty!!!

  • Andre says:

    Hi, would you happen to know the measurements for both the GM and the MM? I like to get one.

  • Chloe says:

    Loses my appetite if any of the big fashion house decides to market their campaign with an Asian face in S’pore. We buy high-end European accessories becoz its… European! This is not China ok…

    • Cool says:

      Sounds like you are one of those who look down on your own people. Foreign brands are trying to please us and tailor to our taste. Asians will soon decide what’s beautiful or not. Isn’t it great!

    • Jen says:

      I will prefer other Asian face than this guy. He looks good but i think there are better ones out there.

      And I hope you are not a Chinese. If you are a Chinese and u look down on China, I think u are still living in yr own world. Dont forget yr ancestors are from China (provided u are Chinese).

      I BUY things because I like the brand, the design. It can be LV, Chanel or just a common name in Paris but not upmarket product. I do not buy because its european brand. I buy for the quality.

      – Fellow Singaporean. Not PR, Not new citizen.

  • Who knows. But I don`t find him the best out there for the job, what are they thinkin

  • ChrisHK says:

    One look at him and I’ve just developed an eating disorder. Quick, what’s the number for AA – Anorexia Anonymous?

  • I don’t know which I like better, Godfrey or the LV Damier Graphite Elvis? (I say both!)

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