Bagaholicboy Muses #229 – What Makes A Wallet ‘Down-To-Earth’?

I recently received two comments (and not emails as earlier stated, my bad) on the blog with regards to wallets. Specifically, a wallet for a down-to-earth engineer, and another for someone’s boyfriend who is apparently the rugged type, and in her words ‘dangerously handsome, tall, dark, goatee-sporting.’

One is down-to-earth (and therefore abhors anything flashy), the other is rugged (a designer wallet would be ruined in no time anyway, so why bother, right?). Based on these assumptions, here are some recommendations (including those offered by readers on my Facebook fan page).

If ‘down-to-earth’ means being subtle, you should check out Loewe, Prada and YSL. These brands have wallets with logos placed at the bottom right hand corner, either embossed or affixed on via a small plaque. Don’t discount Louis Vuitton either, they have collections like Chicago (shown above), Epi, Taiga and Utah which are pretty nondescript, save for the logo at the corner. Though more expensive, they are known to hold up very well over time as long as you take care of them.

If ‘down-to-earth’ means being affordable, Jack Spade is a pretty good bet, priced from SGD260 each. Bellroy (from SGD85 and available at Cumulus Wheelock Place) is very affordable as well. Then there’s everything else on Level 3 of Takashimaya Department Store.

If ‘rugged’ means being outdoorsy, your best bet will be one of those canvas/nylon/velcro horrors which I detest. I may not like them, but if your man is going to expose his wallet to the elements all the time, at least pick something from Head Porter which are pretty stylish.

If ‘rugged’ means being rough, do not pick wallets in shiny patent leather, smooth lambskin or anything that will be scratched easily. Go for something along the lines of Louis Vuitton’s Taiga collection, or Prada’s Saffiano (grained leather), both of which are more hardy. Choose darker colours as well; they tend to hide nicks and stains more easily.

Overwhelmingly, readers on Facebook have named Louis Vuitton as their top choice, followed by Montblanc. Other suggestions include Bottega Veneta, Fossil, Tumi and a paper bag. Go figure.

Before I sign off, here are some of my golden rules.

01. There is no such thing as ONE wallet for everyone (or the perfect wallet). This isn’t Lord Of The Rings, so take your time to figure out which type of wallet (long, short, with coin pouch, without coin pouch) suits you best.

02. You don’t wear the same shoes every day, nor do you wear the same belt every day. Why should it be any different for your wallet?

03. A wallet isn’t built to be sat on all day. If you really need to sit on something, try using a chair cushion.

04. If your wallet is looking like a paper weight, something is really wrong. No one needs 8 credit cards or last year’s receipts on any given day. Please edit.

05. You really get what you pay for. And that’s the truth.

And if anyone out there has anything else to add, please feel free to do so.

Image: Louis Vuitton

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  • sean says:

    Personally, I think by far LV wallet is the most sturdy of all. Try taiga or damier graphite for more subtle option.

  • Deon Lee says:


    I totally agree with Rule No. 2 and No. 4!! Rule No.2 summarizes my mantra for wallets!! Keep rocking BB!!

  • bee says:

    I got my then boyfriend LV Taiga wallet 10 years ago. Now he is my husband and the wallet still look good! I will think he takes good care and also the leather is durable.

  • Simon4rigns says:

    The black LV wallet featured above is stylish without being in your face. Nice. I’ve been looking for a replacement but cannot bring myself to lay down $$$ for a Bottega Intrecciato.

    Have a look at Launer’s range of british wallets, from traditional to pink inner lizard. Pretty good value I think. I know a friend who ordered a piece of shell cordovan (that’s horse-ass to you) from Japan and custom-made his wallet in Hong Kong.

  • Iris says:

    Couldn’t help but giggle at the first paragraph. Haha. I finally bought my bf a Jack Spade. I’ll give it to him next week, though. Really nice post again, BB. Your blog is one of my daily reads.

  • germaine says:

    Wrt point 4, if one MUST carry around 8 credit cards / membership cards / Starbucks cards, a separate cardholder is the way to go. I convinced the Mr of this some years ago and he hasn’t looked back since.

  • cindy says:

    if down to earth means practicality, the bf likes stingray because the bumpy texture prevents the wallet from easily sliding out of the back pocket (and him losing it)…

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