Victoria Beckham Hexagonal Chain Crocodile Bag

Look what just made its debut. Fresh from critical acclaim after debuting her bag line back in October 2010 (yes, I’m a fan too), the first two pieces have started selling on Net-A-Porter, including the Victoria Beckham Hexagonal Chain Crocodile Bag which is priced at GBP8950.

Yup, you read that right, GBP8950 (which is around SGD18,000 after conversion).

So why is it so expensive? As far as I can tell, the bag is made up of exotic crocodile skin on the outside, with the inside lined in leather. And because the shoulder bag comes with concertina-style sides, one can argue that will take more even more exotic skin. The gold-tone hexagonal-link chain handle is the final touch, the shiny gold a nice contrast against the matte skin.

But does that justify the SGD18,000 asking price? Sadly, as much as I think the bag is elegantly classic and perfect for any lady in the making, there comes a time when too much is just too much and this is the perfect example.

Just because you (yes you, Victoria) own over 100 Birkin bags doesn’t mean you can start charging the same premium for your own line. It just doesn’t work that way, my dear.

Image: Net-A-Porter

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  • Sofya D says:

    So I own many H bags, including a croc Constance… in fact, I came to a point that up until recently there was no point for me to even look at other bags from high end brands…they have a life expectancy of a mobile phone these days, i.e. not even a season. All these bags from Dolce, Gucci and Pucci in my eyes are no better than the usual high street bags… at first I did not even consider looking at VB collection, but I have always been a fan of simple bags, hence the H is just perfect for me.

    Stomping upon VB bags at HN London, I looked closely at their quality and was gobsmacked at how meticulously perfect they were. Result is simple, I just got my first VB bag in Burgundy, in fact, I sourced it through NAP as it was the colour of 2011 (we are in 2014).

    Yep, I overpaid not only for the bag (as back then it was 2.3K pounds and now it’s 1.95K) but also went for the “seen already” colour… and do not regret it a single bit. In fact… I’m hooked. I do want this hexagonal bag in matt croc now, but I am too late on the fashion wagon for them, and the only one available at present is this pink one on MyTheresa.

    My point is, I can and could afford another H bag. Yet I went for VB. Go figure…

  • JESSI says:


  • HC says:

    To spend so much money on a handbag is hideously obscene. This handbag is no different than any other. Emperor’s new clothes comes to mind.

    If it wasn’t Victoria Beckham no-one would give a sh*t.

    Go to Primark!

  • Naomi says:

    I wouldn’t agree less that it’s too much for VB. I would rather splurge on a Hermes for that kind of price.

    However, she should focus on prices on mid-tier. Maybe a $300 – $600 would be acceptable.

  • I think VB should have started with a practical tote style bag at a more reasonable price point.

    Something easy to carry with lots of pockets, yet luxe to reflect her busy life. It’s the kind of thing that would sell very well if she pulled of a great and covetable design.

    She just can’t compete with the heavy hitters in the price range of this bag.

    I don’t really like the bag, agree that saving for H is a better investment.

  • lalalaaa says:

    Sold out I heard….

  • Richie says:

    Perhaps it’s a sign of fashion at present, all of these celebrity lines are harming real creativity and originality. In my opinion, Beckham is simply a brand, cleverly trying to make more and more money for herself. I prefer fashion that is original, or at least has an identity, not just a product.

    But I guess its down to how you see it really. At least Vuitton, Hermes, Chanel have heritage… and are known for pioneering something new… the stackable trunk, using a zip, adding a chain handle to a bag. I’m just a bit disheartened. I also think the Alexa borrowed some styling tips from the PS1, but the Cambridge Satchel Company didn’t invent the satchel, its been around since the 17th century.

    I don’t think I’ll ever be convinced by the Victoria Beckham line to be honest. But I do understand how she has a client base.

  • V says:

    This isn’t reinventing the wheel – it’s making it even prettier.

    I ordered the other one in time and sent one to the mother. Should be on the way now!

    I like that it’s a lot less obvious compared to Hermes and Valextra. It’s obvious that VB’s inspiration has come from these 2 houses, but why should that stop people from buying this?

    As much as people love to knock her down because of her celebrity background, I think a lot of them fail to give her credit for how well she has done – her Spring collection’s dress was featured on WWD for goodness’ sake!

    Besides, what is £8950 when exotic birkins/kellys cost much more? What about the crocodile Louis Vuitton Lockit?

    And I doubt that this is an ‘imitation’. Remember the Proenza Schouler versus Mulberry saga on who created the satchel? What about the Cambridge Satchel Company?

    And then there’s the Celine Box and the Hermes Constance – is that an imitation? What about Celine’s lambskin totes and Loewe’s parpelle collection?

    Also, hasn’t she proved that her fashion line is coveted by so many fashion insiders? Anna Dello Russo wore one of her dresses at fashion week a few seasons back too!

    P.S: I’m not the biggest fan of the girl, but I give credit where it’s due.

  • Richard says:

    Posh’s style is overrated and unoriginal. I can’t believe the amount she’s charging for this bag… its such an obvious choice as well, a flap bag in an exotic skin with a chain handle. Hardly revolutionary or remotely new. I prefer to get my bags from the brands who originally invented these styles, rather than imitiations. I’d love to see someone interesting like Anna Piaggi design some accesories, perhaps that would be interesting.

    Definitely not for me.

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