Update – Spring-Summer 2011 Mens Louis Vuitton

The Spring-Summer 2011 Mens Louis Vuitton collection is a clash of eclecticism, one inspired by sky-diving parachutes and layered leopard prints, to classically Chinese patterns and animals (from the Chinese Zodiac no less) as reinterpreted by New York tattoo artist Scott Campbell.

As far as the apparel goes, everything is sleek and lightweight, resulting from the ample use of silks, linens and technical nylon. Tailored jackets are light and unstructured, shirts are embellished with tattoos or Zodiac animals, as are some of the pants.

On the shoes and accessories front, everything is pretty much in lieu with the theme, from the mesh-woven brogue to the patterned stole. Recurring pieces include more wallets from the Bequia line (those with the perforated Louis Vuitton logo), and more Damier Graphite pieces, including a Zippy Wallet and the iPad case.

Yes you read that right. There will be a new iPad case in Damier Graphite as well. Time to wait list.

I don’t know whether this is a pareo, a scarf or a stole (USD500), but it doesn’t really matter as this is a must-have on my S/S11 wish list. Must. Most. Definitely. Buy.

I really don’t mind this either. Called Casino, it retails for USD375. Looks especially good on the model (shown above) doesn’t it?

Also debuting for S/S11 will be these lightweight nylon Damier bags, all foldable and trimmed with leather at the edges. And as far as I know, they will come in 3 colours: Galaxie (black), Céleste (electric blue), and a bright green.

Also interesting, this new Damier Graphite messenger which is absolutely swish. Called the Elvis, I like the zip pocket on the front, as well as the fact that it is pretty affordable, retailing for USD1210 and USD1100 for the GM and the MM respectively. Given the fact the I’m not the biggest fan of Damier Graphite bags (not anymore anyway), this is saying a lot.

On the other hand, I’m still kinda on the fence with the washed denim tote with ‘Louis Vuitton Articles de Voyage’ printed across it. I like it, but I don’t think I will pay USD3270 for it.

All the runway pieces are expected to launch on 1 February 2011, but check with your local SA for exact dates. So tell me, what are you guys looking forward to?

Images: Louis Vuitton

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