Spring-Summer 2011 Womens Prada

No, this isn’t an exclusive peek at Prada’s new ad campaign (though honestly it might as well be), but rather talented artist Shannon Stokes’ interpretation of the Spring-Summer 2011 Womens Prada collection. His entry for the SOS art contest, he was so inspired by the banana-print top that came down the runway he decided to depict a jungle scene with the damsel in distress, along with the gorilla’s fur in the same colour combo as the fox fur stoles. In a word? Awesome.

The other piece that left a deep impression is now officially known as the ‘Eva Mendes dress’ (sorry Jac, but Eva really wore it better), which she rocked to perfection at a recent movie premiere. Having seen the dress in person, it is a beautiful piece except for the fact that the material used is rather stiff, all part of Miuccia Prada’s vision of giving women a fuller, more rounded figure.

As far as the footwear goes, there are too many pieces that I adore, from the ladies layered platforms (shown above), to the slinky woven heels. Priced from SGD1420 and up, they are definitely more statement than staple.

As far as the bags are concerned, they all sport the ‘parrot beak’ in the form of the leather-covered buckle in the front, with twill canvas making up the rest of the body. Reminding me somewhat of Louis Vuitton’s Antigua collection which came out eons ago, it will take lots of persuasion to get me to part with SGD1130 for these clutches.

On the other hand, this little satchel is too cute to resist. Priced at SGD2090, this darling comes with its own shoulder strap. Great for casual weekends out, I’m keen to see what other colour combinations it will be available in.

Another piece worth a quick mention is this larger satchel (SGD2300) which comes with its own shoulder strap as well. Big enough to fit a 13″ MacBook Pro in my opinion, it’s one of those pieces I don’t mind having, as long as I don’t have to pay for it. In other words, the bags are best left for fans of the brand.

What I wouldn’t mind paying for however is the fox fur stole, which comes in wide variety of colours off the runway. Retailing for SGD7590, they are truly dreamy (everyone I’ve spoken to seems to agree, except PETA of course).

Images: PradaS.S. Sketch & Style

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