Mulberry East-West Messenger

Something new for the boys to check out, the Mulberry East-West Messenger, which definitely has a military feel to it. Composed of heavy pebbled leather, the only giveaway that it is from Mulberry is the iconic postman’s lock positioned dead centre.

Measuring 41 cm across by 31.5 cm, the messenger comes equipped with 2 pockets on the inside, as well as the adjustable shoulder strap that’s made of canvas.

Get the one in Khaki (shown above) if you’re using it for school, or the ones in Black or Chocolate if you need something a little more serious for work. Retailing for GBP550 (or around SGD1116 before shipping), you can order them online directly from Mulberry where they do ship internationally.

And while you’re there, you might as well check out the new Mulberry Simple iPad Sleeve which retails for GBP130 (around SGD236 before shipping). No frills and simply a sleeve made of natural leather, they’ve got it in 3 different colours including Black (shown above), Chocolate and Oak.

Images: Mulberry

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