Head Porter Camo iPad Case

Something which I’ve been wanting to blog about for a while is this, the Head Porter Camo iPad Case, which was one of the pieces I wanted to get when I was in Tokyo recently. Besides being a sucker for all things in camouflage print, I liked the fact that it was lightweight and affordable (around SGD130 after conversion).

Luck was not on my side that day though, and I ended with the Head Porter Black Beauty iPad Case, which is exactly the same except for the fact that it only came in jet black nylon. A tad cheaper (around SGD126 or so), I like the fact that my iPad is well-protected at all times, and I can flip the case open or close with ease. Zip it up and you’re good to go.

I also like the extra zip pocket slot at the back of the case, which is good for all your odds and ends.

The good news? Head Porter ships internationally, and besides the one in Camo Blue, there is another one in Camo Green. And besides the ones I’ve just mentioned above, other designs include one covered with polka dots, and another that’s quilted. Just set up an account online and you’re good to go.

Images: Head Porter

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