Cruise 2011 Womens Alexander McQueen

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming up from the Cruise 2011 Womens Alexander McQueen collection, and as always, the clutches are to-die-for. Topped off with gold-tone clasps in various forms, each clutch comes swathed in a different material, be it exotic skins like stingray or watersnake, or familiar favourites like satin.

Besides McQueen’s eponymous skull adorned with what looks like an orchid, other clasps used for Cruise 2011 are a little more interesting, including one that looks like coral fans, and another with another orchid. Measuring around 16 cm across and averaging around SGD1800 each (based on estimates from Net-A-Porter), this is one of the things I would definitely consider an investment buy.

Something else that I’m keen to check out are these enamel bracelets and rings, which while have been done to death since Hermès launched them way back when, these are certainly way cooler. Soft pastels on gold-tone hardware with skulls, what’s not to love?

Or check out these monochromatic pieces, which are equally stunning.

No word on the pricing for these pieces as yet, but they will be available at Club21 Women come January 2011. Time to start saving!

Images: Alexander McQueen

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