Bagaholicboy News #180 – 3 New Monogram Vernis Colours To Be Launched In 2011!

With 2011 just round the corner, it is time to check out the new colours for the Monogram Vernis collection which will be launched in Singapore very, very soon. Something I look forward to year after year, colours that were launched in 2010 included Rose Florentine, Gris Art Deco and Vert Impression (click here to see them all). Then later in the year we had the stunning Rogue Fauvista.

So what’s coming out for 2011? 3 new colours of course, and they are Blanc Corail (shown above), a very pale cream with light tinted rose.

Then there’s Bleu Infinite, a dark purplish-blue that’s also one of my favourite colours.

And last but not least, Terre d’Ombre, a dark and robust earthy brown.

First impressions? Though the colour palette for these 3 pieces are not exactly bright, bold or loud (it is S/S11 after all), I do think they are instead classic colours that will last a whole lot longer in the bag wardrobe. Besides being available in the Alma MM (shown above), the new colours will also be available on other pieces including the Wilshire Boulevard GM, the Zippy Wallet and the Zippy Coin Purse.

What do you think? Any favourite colours from this understated, elegant trio?

Images: Louis Vuitton

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